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Scientists discover extinct muntjac deer in Thanh Hoa

15:22 10/10/2014

Scientists have discovered a herd of about 30 Muntiacus Rooseveltorum muntjac deer in the jungle in Thanh Hoa Province.

Many workers live in substandard rooms

23:28 01/10/2014

Arranging accommodation for workers is a growing headache for HCM City, Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces which have more than 70 industrial zones with about 1.

Dutch poet Dick Gebuys: 'Vietnam is second home country'

07:19 27/09/2014

A collection of poems about Vietnam, named 'Giong Nhu Ban Vua Cham Vao' (It just looks like you touch things now), written by Dutch poet Dick Gebuys has been published.

Quang Nam farmland turned into one big gold-mining site

09:31 26/09/2014

Efforts made by Quang Nam provincial authorities have not helped stop illegal gold mining there, as farmers' rice fields and land have been used for large gold mining sites.

Young tourists explore Sapa

08:19 04/09/2014

Feasting her eyes on the terraced rice fields in Vietnam's popular tourist spot Sapa, Nathalie Cauvi couldn't stop shouting: “Wow, wow! It's such an amazing and beautiful landscape!”

HCM City pushes forward with Microsoft Smart City model

08:38 31/08/2014

Ho Chi Minh City Information and Communications Department, Microsoft Vietnam and Microsoft Asia Pacific leaders today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster cooperation, especially in the field of e-government.

Young artists reinvigorate cai luong

14:01 24/08/2014

“Everything that I have today is due to my love and contribution to cai luong,” says cai luong performer Le Van Gan, one of HCM City's younger talents in the traditional operatic art.

Mass mobilisation for Vietnamese residents in Europe

15:26 19/08/2014

The Communist Party of Vietnam pays special attention to mass mobilisation work for Vietnamese people living aboard, considering this an important task to pool their resources for national development.

'Wife stealing' custom of H'Mong people

08:46 17/08/2014

As spring arrives in the northwestern region, it is the time when young H'Mong men ask their friends to help them to “steal or pull a wife”, an established local custom.

Banks' settlement of debts hindered by asset regulations

10:19 13/08/2014

The regulation that banks cannot sell mortgaged assets below face value is the biggest barrier hindering debt settlement.


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