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4,500 hectares of forest lost in Dak Nong in last five years

23:29 01/10/2014

As many as 4,500 hectares of forest and forestland under the management of the Truong Xuan Forestry Company in Dak Nong Province have been cleared in the last five years.

Schoolkids pay high price for hydro-power

09:12 07/08/2014

Nine-year-old Giap Van Dat and many other children from Dong Mam Village in northern Bac Giang Province don't play games going to school.

Lam Dong urges quick road upgrade to draw tourists to Dalat

13:04 03/12/2013

Lam Dong urges quick road upgrade to draw tourists to DalatLam Dong Province authorities have urged contractors to quickly upgrade National Highway 20 currently full of potholes to attract tourists to the resort city of Dalat...

Dinh Cau Night Market has much to offer

09:07 16/10/2013

Together with wonderful natural landscapes, the island of Phu Quoc also boasts Dinh Cau Night Market in Duong Dong Town which is considered a downtown hub for shopping, food and beverages and a hotspot for domestic and foreign...

Trafficked victims get new lease on life

10:16 26/05/2013

Earlier this month, 23-year-old Nguyen Chi Linh (not real name) finally got his long-awaited moment in the spotlight.


16:53 18/01/2013

Doctor of medicine top career choice for children Vietnamese children aged 7-14 chose the profession of doctor as their top career choice in the annual Adecco Children's Career Survey, conducted by Adecco Viet Nam, a subsidiary...

Contaminated groundwater blamed for commune cancer deaths

14:17 25/12/2012

The high number of deaths from cancer in a commune in Phu Yen Province has raised serious questions about the safety of the groundwater used by local residents in their daily lives.

V-pop missing the V

14:09 11/08/2012

Many young artists on the Voice, the Vietnamese equivalent of American Idol, have selected English songs to perform, showing what some musicians consider a lack of national identity among both singers and audiences.

Bank officers' high income is the envy of all Vietnamese workers

08:47 28/07/2012

While many workers in other business fields have become redundant or seen the salaries cut because their businesses are facing big difficulties, banking officers have been safe and sound and unhurt by the economic downturn. In...


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