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Kobane: New IS push amid US warning on air strikes

23:38 09/10/2014

The US and UK have warned that air strikes alone will not prevent Islamic State (IS) fighters from seizing the Syrian town of Kobane.

HIV cure continues to evade doctors

08:16 04/10/2014

Giving drugs within hours of HIV infection is not a cure, say doctors treating a baby in Milan, Italy.

Want to join VietJet's cabin crew? Apply right now

14:21 10/09/2014

As Vietnam's fastest growing airline, low-cost carrier VietJet Air is expanding its fleet and flight network throughout Vietnam and across the region.

ASEAN banks pose the biggest threat to Vietnamese banks, analysts say

14:40 22/08/2014

For many Vietnamese bankers, Japanese banks are their biggest rivals in the home market. However, analysts have warned that once the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) begins next year, ASEAN banks, not Japanese, will be the most...

US to help build up VN navy capacity

12:39 17/08/2014

General Martin Dempsey said he will ask the US to strengthen Vietnam's navy capacity if a ban on lethal arms sales to the Southeast Asian nation is lifted.

Japan braced for Typhoon Neoguri

10:40 09/07/2014

Hundreds of thousands of people have been urged to seek shelter as a powerful typhoon passes over Japan's Okinawa island chain.

What does Vietnam need for its nuclear power program? (part 1)

13:18 01/07/2014

Vietnam's proposed nuclear power program remains controversial, with a number of issues hotly debated: Does the country really need to build a new 15-20 MW research reactor? Who will be Vietnam's partners? Which technologies...

Three guys, one camera, an Irish goal

09:06 30/06/2014

It has been difficult getting back to normal life for Iain McNamara and his peers after their one-year trip through 22 countries.

For children of the affluent, summer holidays can be lavish

13:13 28/06/2014

Many Vietnamese parents are willing to shell out tens of millions of dong for their children's summer holidays, seeing it as the opportune time for children to advance their English and life skills.

Songwriters face an uphill IP struggle

09:47 28/06/2014

The Viet Nam Centre for the Protection of Music Copyright (VCPMC) has been struggling hard to ensure due royalty payments for Vietnamese songwriters.


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