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Microscope work wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

23:38 09/10/2014

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to a trio of researchers for improving the resolution of optical microscopes.

SBV yet to act on bitcoin exchange

09:53 25/07/2014

It's been a week since the Viet Nam real-time bitcoin exchange was launched, but the public is yet to see the authorities take action against crypto-currencies as they had promised.

State Bank to crack down on bitcoin exchange

11:30 17/07/2014

The State Bank of Viet Nam will work with the public security forces to seize operators of the Viet Nam real-time bitcoin exchange (VBTC) that was launched last Wednesday.

Facebook buys video ad technology firm

12:12 04/07/2014

Facebook has acquired LiveRail - a tech start-up that helps companies place more relevant ads in the videos that appear on their websites and apps.

Bourse explains rules for exchange-traded funds

18:10 21/05/2014

Foreign investors will be able to own up to 100 per cent of exchange-traded funds, participants heard at a seminar held by the HCM Stock Exchange (HOSE) on Tuesday.

Facebook launches friend-tracking feature

09:23 19/04/2014

Your phone always knows where you are. And now, if you want, your Facebook friends will always know where you are, too.

US$500 million for atomic energy research centre

10:44 19/03/2014

Russia and Vietnam will jointly build an atomic energy research centre under a US$500 million project funded by the Russian government.

Virtual arm eases phantom limb pain

13:49 26/02/2014

Doctors have devised a new way to treat amputees with phantom limb pain.

Samsung launches VN traffic map

19:11 25/02/2014

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has launched the mobile application “VOV ban do giao thong (VOV traffic map)” with the Radio Voice of Viet Nam's (VOV's) Traffic Channel to reduce traffic jams.

Bionic hand allows patient to 'feel'

11:48 06/02/2014

Scientists have created a bionic hand which allows the amputee to feel lifelike sensations from their fingers.


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