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Farmer uses ants to create pricey aloeswood

15:11 08/10/2014

Truong Thanh Khoan, 61, a farmer in Dong Nai province, has been domesticating and breeding thousands of ants to create aloeswood, a fragrant wood available in Vietnam.

Packed curriculum overwhelms first-graders

11:47 06/10/2014

Parents and primary school teachers all complain that the current curriculum is too extensive for first graders, who must adapt to a new school environment.

Vietnam man gets rich on beekeeping

08:16 04/10/2014

A young man in Tuyen Quang Province in northern Vietnam has carved out a successful business and provided jobs for locals out of beekeeping.

Installation exhibition connects Vietnamese, French cultures

14:12 27/09/2014

An installation exhibition themed “Information Transmitted by Horse Riding” by artist Trieu Tuan Long is set to get underway at the French Cultural Centre L' Espace in Hanoi from September 30 to October 26.

Kien Giang: clay-pot making seeks to return to heyday

11:55 07/09/2014

The making of clay pots in Hon Dat District, the Mekong delta province of Kien Giang, had been viewed by many locals as a means of living in the between-crop period.

Library brings books to poor rural area

10:31 02/09/2014

Determined to help others despite her disability, Tran Thuy Nga opened a library for poor students.

Vietnamese consumers shun low-cost cars, see them as 'low quality'

16:17 01/09/2014

Most low-cost cars introduced in Vietnam have failed to win the hearts of consumers, as many Vietnamese equate low-cost with low-quality.

Three streams of 'sacred fish' in Thanh Hoa are tourist attractions

08:19 01/09/2014

The central province of Thanh Hoa is known for three special streams which are home to the “fish gods”.

Ca tru brought back from brink

18:15 30/08/2014

Viet Nam will ask the UNESCO to take the ancient north Vietnamese ca tru form of traditional singing off the list of endangered world cultural heritage.

Garbage-collection services forced to rely on district funds in Hanoi

16:19 30/08/2014

Hanoi's new garbage collection and treatment model has failed as the work is being done with money from district budgets.


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