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Rough start for Vietnam's U19 Team at Asian football championships

09:08 10/10/2014

Vietnam's U19 football team got off to a bad start at the Asian Football Confederation's U19 Championship in Myanmar, losing 0-6 to the Republic of Korea (RoK) on October 9.

Mobile subscribers annoyed by networks' do-nothing attitude about spam

08:58 10/10/2014

Mobile subscribers complain that the telecommunication services in Vietnam have become unbearably inconvenient: they are bothered every day with spam messages, are being swindled out of money, and are increasingly annoyed with...

Vietnam seeks solutions to polluting paper factories

23:38 09/10/2014

More than 90 percent of paper factories in Vietnam operate with substandard waste water treatment systems or have no such system, creating pollution in localities where they are located.

WHO warns of Ebola health care risks

14:11 08/10/2014

A prominent World Health Organisation official has warned that more Ebola cases can be expected among medical staff - even in developed countries with modern health care systems.

Hong Kong protests: Formal talks agreed as protests shrink

09:43 08/10/2014

Representatives from Hong Kong's Occupy Central movement have agreed to hold formal talks with the government.

Businesses await action on their customs-priority status

14:17 07/10/2014

Authorised economic operator (AEO) companies were promised that they would have priority over others in working with customs agencies on customs clearance, but they are still waiting for the privilege.

Online video re-shaping Southeast Asia media landscape

15:34 06/10/2014

Nine out of 10 digital consumers in Vietnam watch online videos weekly as the burgeoning popularity of online video in Southeast Asia is re-shaping the region's media landscape, according to a report from the South Asia.

Hundreds of unexploded ordnances found in Quang Tri

15:34 06/10/2014

Truong Son Construction Company in the central province of Quang Tri discovered hundreds of unexploded ordnances left over from the US war in Ka Tang hamlet, Lao Bao town in Huong Hoa district on October 5.

First womb-transplant baby born

11:47 06/10/2014

A woman in Sweden has given birth to a baby boy using a transplanted womb, in a medical first, doctors report.

HCM City flood-prevention projects lack funds

11:17 06/10/2014

HCM City authorities aim to prevent flooding in six out of 11 areas in the city but work has been completed at only one site, according to the city's Transport Department.


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