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Microscope work wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

23:38 09/10/2014

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to a trio of researchers for improving the resolution of optical microscopes.

Smart LED light bulbs leak wi-fi passwords

08:19 10/07/2014

Security experts have demonstrated how easy it is to hack network-enabled LED light bulbs.

Brazil 'ready' for football World Cup, says Rousseff

16:46 11/06/2014

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff says her country is ready, on and off the pitch, for the football World Cup which starts on Thursday.

Old, overloaded vessels continue to claim lives

09:01 15/08/2013

Lives are still being lost as overloaded and old high-speed cargo and passenger boats sink while they travel along rivers and up and down the coastline throughout Viet Nam.

V-League finally set for kick-off

14:36 04/03/2013

Football is finally back on the domestic calendar, with the new season kicking off last weekend at stadiums across the country.

Solar energy for remote areas, why not?

09:47 20/02/2013

The Hoa Binh provincial Science & Technology Analysis, Testing and Service Center has received the technology transfer to implement the project on using solar energy and diesel engine to generate electricity for remote areas.

Typhoon Bopha smashes into Philippines

11:06 04/12/2012

Typhoon Bopha smashed into the southern Philippines Tuesday, uprooting trees and bringing drenching rains as more than 40,000 people crammed into shelters to escape the storm's onslaught.

Buffalo Solider, Olympic star Dillard hailed

15:24 24/11/2012

Harrison Dillard, who overcame racial prejudice to become the only man to achieve the Olympic double of 100m and 110m hurdles gold, and fought as a Buffalo Solider in the Second World War, was honoured on Friday.

'Twilight' stars eye new life after vampire saga

23:13 16/11/2012

“Twilight' stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are looking forward to sinking their teeth into new, non-vampire roles, as they ponder life after the ”Twilight" saga.

U.S. embassies attacked in Yemen, Egypt after Libya envoy killed

12:08 14/09/2012

Demonstrators attacked the U.S. embassies in Yemen and Egypt on Thursday in protest at a film they consider blasphemous to Islam, and the United States sent warships toward Libya, where the U.


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