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Many consumers shun vegetables, fruit at markets, buy organic instead

23:38 09/10/2014

Believing that they are unsafe for health, many people are now reluctant to eat fruit and vegetables.

Women writers take centre stage

17:21 05/10/2014

Young women writers are suddenly in the limelight after breaking a number of best-selling records.

H'mong girls captured in the lens of world-renowned photographer

14:05 19/07/2014

French photographer Eric Lafforgue is known worldwide for his photographs of mysterious North Korea.

Thanh Tien paper flowers village in Hue

17:17 05/07/2014

In the tiny village of Thanh Tien on the outskirts of Hue City, a tradition of paper flowers craftsmanship has been handed down from one generation to another for more than 300 years.

Photos: The most expensive fruits in Vietnam

14:51 05/07/2014

Wine-gourd shaped grapefruits, thousand-arm finger citron and Mercedes-Benz car-shaped watermelons are among the most special and expensive fruit in Vietnam.

The village of beggars

09:24 18/06/2014

During the summer or the New Year holiday, the villages in Xuan Lanh commune of Dong Xuan district in the central province of Phu Yen become very quiet because most of the villagers leave their home to big cities to work as...

The sweet cake delicacy of Binh Dinh

09:12 14/06/2014

The central coastal province of Binh Dinh is renowned for a wide selection of food and drink specialties, including Bau Da rice liquor, nem (fermented pork roll), cha (ground meat), tre (minced pork wrapped in guava and banana...

Vietnam in the lens of world-renowned photographer

07:21 10/06/2014

Eric Lafforgue, the French photographer who became world famous for a series of photographs of North Korea, also has interesting photos of Vietnam.

Child prodigies suffer as neighbours, classmates taunt and tease them

09:40 09/06/2014

They are called “child prodigies” but they are uncomfortable with the designation and just want to be known as normal students.

The year-end fair in Ha Giang

09:20 09/05/2014

Since early morning, ethnic minority people flocked to the central market in Tien Nguyen commune in the northern mountain province of Ha Giang just to see their friends, to drink a cup of wine or to eat a bowl of sour soup.


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