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Endangered and extinct species discovered in Thanh Hoa

10:17 06/10/2014

Dozens of fauna and flora species listed in the World Red Book as Roosevelt's muntjac, Amentotaxus yunnanensis (catkin yew) or Gekko cf.

Co Island – a great painting of nature

09:11 29/09/2014

Co Island (Stork Island) in Hai Duong Province's Thanh Mien District is renowned as a beautiful and stunning natural destination that rises like a jewel blessed by nature.

Experts discuss climate change

10:45 27/09/2014

With around 75 per cent of Viet Nam's urban population living in low elevation coastal zones, many people will be affected by rising sea levels, experts have warned.

Dutch poet Dick Gebuys: 'Vietnam is second home country'

07:19 27/09/2014

A collection of poems about Vietnam, named 'Giong Nhu Ban Vua Cham Vao' (It just looks like you touch things now), written by Dutch poet Dick Gebuys has been published.

Deputy PM speaks to UN on climate

15:00 26/09/2014

Viet Nam would stand together with the world in fighting climate change, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh pledged at the United Nations Climate Change Summit on Tuesday.

Male-female ratio imbalance may reach over four million

17:04 24/09/2014

The unbalanced sex ratio at birth gradually has increased from 105 to 106 to 120 boys per 100 girls over the last 14 years, mainly concentrated in the north, especially in the Red River Delta.

The 'gecko queens' of Vietnam

10:24 07/09/2014

In addition to long legs, the Goniurosaurus gecko genus has beautiful skin that is attractive to people who like to own them as pets.

Artisans work to revive Dong Ho folk art

09:56 04/09/2014

Nguyen Dang Che and Nguyen Huu Sam from the northern province of Bac Ninh are two of the few remaining artisans specialising in Dong Ho folk painting – a centuries-old tradition deeply engrained in the mind of the Vietnamese...

Three streams of 'sacred fish' in Thanh Hoa are tourist attractions

08:19 01/09/2014

The central province of Thanh Hoa is known for three special streams which are home to the “fish gods”.

Travel News 16/8

13:19 16/08/2014

Direct flights help Danang tourism fly highInternational tourism to Danang city has picked up remarkably over the past two months thanks to the establishment of direct overseas air routes, said Tran Chi Cuong, deputy director of...


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