dung quat refinery
Oil giants race to invest in Vietnam

23:37 09/10/2014

Although Vietnam initially decided to build only three oil refineries, two are about to be built and others are under construction, while several more are awaiting licenses.

Petrochemical projects put Vietnam at risk

15:11 05/10/2014

Vietnam has expanded the plan to develop the petroleum industry in the country by 2020, but some say that the increasing number of refineries comes with significant risks.

Oil refinery projects feared to cause glut in Vietnam

14:12 27/09/2014

Many oil refinery projects have been put forth recently, arousing concerns over a glut in supply as well as potential hazards to the environment caused by production on outdated technology.

Quang Ngai takes the lead in bio-fuel E5 sales

09:01 02/09/2014

The central province of Quang Ngai is the first locality to officially sell bio-fuel E5-RON 92, replacing Mogas 92, from September 1 onwards.


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