binh dinh province
Oil giants race to invest in Vietnam

23:37 09/10/2014

Although Vietnam initially decided to build only three oil refineries, two are about to be built and others are under construction, while several more are awaiting licenses.

Tuna fish hopes to secure firm foothold in Japan

21:19 08/10/2014

Japan's Kato Hitoshi General Office and Japanese seafood experts have pledged their continuous assistance to help fishermen in Binh Dinh province export tuna fish to Japan.

More Champa relics discovered in Binh Dinh

09:20 07/10/2014

The Museum of central Binh Dinh province has announced the discovery of more than 600 precious items during a recent archaeological excavation of Champa ruins at Rung Cam (Forbidden Forest) site at Thu Thien Thuong village, Binh...

Songwriter brings African rhythms to Viet Nam with Djembe collection

09:45 28/09/2014

After completing a five-year course at Nha Trang Aquatic Product College, Diep Chi Huy struggled to succeed at various businesses in HCM City.

Agriculture industry plants seeds of change

08:15 28/09/2014

Viet Nam aims to improve agricultural products by implementing technology, but capital, land and infrastructure are major obstacles.

Oil refinery projects feared to cause glut in Vietnam

14:12 27/09/2014

Many oil refinery projects have been put forth recently, arousing concerns over a glut in supply as well as potential hazards to the environment caused by production on outdated technology.

Photo story: A knife-sharpener in Saigon

18:10 25/09/2014

Vo Van Thanh, 68, from Binh Dinh province, has been working as a knife-scissor sharpener in HCM City for more than five years.

Int'l experts discuss solid waste management solutions

17:41 24/09/2014

More than 70 foreign delegates are gathering in Binh Dinh province to examine ways to manage solid waste in a pro-poor, environmentally sustainable and economically viable manner in secondary cities and small towns in the...

World, national heritages help boost tourism industry

17:31 24/09/2014

With many natural, cultural heritages and rich history, Vietnam has many destinations to attract tourists.

National level recognizes 19 more intangible cultural heritages

13:48 09/09/2014

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has identified a list of 19 additional national intangible cultural heritages.


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