high prices
Many consumers shun vegetables, fruit at markets, buy organic instead

23:38 09/10/2014

Believing that they are unsafe for health, many people are now reluctant to eat fruit and vegetables.

Thai, Japanese, South Korean retailers overtake Vietnamese counterparts

00:14 24/09/2014

Thai, Japanese and South Korean retailers are rushing to enter the market in Vietnam, putting pressure on domestic manufacturers.

Public outcry over HCM City's e-textbook decision

15:19 30/08/2014

The HCM City Education and Training Department has encountered strong public opposition about its proposed $4 trillion e-textbook program.

Vietnam refines oil, but petrol prices still high

18:16 27/07/2014

Vietnam continues to sell its high-quality crude oil at high prices and buy crude oil cheaply from other countries for its domestic refinery.

Old forests cut down as Chinese traders order unripe beans

09:17 24/06/2014

Forests in the districts of Son Ha, Tay Tra and Son Tay in the central province of Quang Ngai are being cut down to sell unripe Sterculia lychnophora beans, which locals call “uoi”, to sell to Chinese businesspeople.

Vietnam not tied to electricity purchases from China

18:50 17/06/2014

If China stops selling electricity to Vietnam, the country will not suffer, experts say. In fact, China is charging high prices and electricity supply has been unstable.

Youngsters snub locally made toys

07:03 07/06/2014

With a vast variety of illegally imported toys available at reasonable prices, Vietnamese-made toys are falling out of favour with children in HCM City.

Chinese businessmen play ruses to sabotage Vietnam's economy

11:38 04/03/2014

Vietnamese economists have discovered some dirty tricks Chinese businessmen play on Vietnamese farmers.

Binh Dinh programs environment friendly cassava cultivation

07:42 04/03/2014

Fearing that the large scale cassava cultivation would lead to the deforestation and the soil degradation, the Binh Dinh provincial authorities have decided to put the cassava cultivation program under the control.

Ho Chi Minh City seizes 4.2 kg of elephant tusks

09:15 18/02/2014

Suspect goods seized by Ho Chi Minh City's customs officials have been identified as three African ivory tusks weighing a total of 4.


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