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Scientists discover extinct muntjac deer in Thanh Hoa

15:22 10/10/2014

Scientists have discovered a herd of about 30 Muntiacus Rooseveltorum muntjac deer in the jungle in Thanh Hoa Province.

Rare plant species discovered in Thanh Hoa

16:57 08/10/2014

Vietnamese scientists of Xuan Lien Nature Reserve have discovered a new floral species with the scientific name of Aristolochia xuanlienensis in Thanh Hoa province.

Roosevelt's Muntjac rediscovered in Vietnam's nature reserve

09:20 07/10/2014

Scientists counted a population of almost 30 Roosevelt's Muntjacs, a species believed to have become extinct 84 years ago, in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve in Thanh Hoa province.

Endangered and extinct species discovered in Thanh Hoa

10:17 06/10/2014

Dozens of fauna and flora species listed in the World Red Book as Roosevelt's muntjac, Amentotaxus yunnanensis (catkin yew) or Gekko cf.

Stunning beauty of Bay Canh Islet

14:53 02/10/2014

Con Dao Island, about 97 nautical miles from Vung Tau City, is seen as a pearl of Vietnam's sea tourism and renowned for its fascinating sceneries and tasty seafood specialties.

The world of Delacour's langurs in Van Long Lagoon

00:13 24/09/2014

Van Long Lagoon in the northern province of Ninh Binh holds two national records of Vietnam in 2010: the home to the largest community of Delacour's langurs and the largest natural picture in Vietnam.

The 'gecko queens' of Vietnam

10:24 07/09/2014

In addition to long legs, the Goniurosaurus gecko genus has beautiful skin that is attractive to people who like to own them as pets.

Vietnam faces pressing need for saving wild tigers

22:23 16/08/2014

Vietnam is one of the 13 countries that have tigers in the wild, yet it is facing an urgent challenge in protecting the species, which is being pushed to the brink of extinction due to economic and social pressures.

Rare Salamander discovered in central Vietnam

10:52 05/08/2014

A salamander with nodules and an orange tail has been discovered in the Pu Hoat Nature Reserve in Nghe An province, at an altitude of 500m.

Teakwood forests ravaged as local officials do nothing to stop illegal acts

11:09 19/07/2014

Although reporters have shown local officials many photos as evidence of deforestation in the Than Sa-Phuong Hoang Nature Reserve, the illegal cutting down of teakwood trees continues unabated.


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