tay ho district
Hanoi a major metropolitan area of the region and the world

13:41 10/10/2014

After 60 years of national liberation and with many ups and downs, Hanoi has transformed into a major metropolitan area of the region and the world and has been honoured as the city for peace, said Chairman of the Municipal...

Vietnam's longest cable-stayed bridge glows like a rainbow at night

11:12 04/10/2014

Residents in Hanoi's Phu Thuong Ward (Tay Ho District) and Vinh Ngoc commune (Dong Anh District) have been amazed in recent days at the radiance of light emitted from the Nhat Tan Bridge.

Vietnamese youth have a blast with paintball

07:16 04/10/2014

Paintball games have become an extremely popular pastime among the youth in big cities such as Ha Noi and HCM.

Special dishes make big profits for small Hanoi food stalls

15:39 28/09/2014

Many small food stalls scattered around Hanoi's streets and alleys are making large profits thanks to their special dishes.

Vietnamese contender for Miss World not yet licensed

10:45 27/09/2014

Vietnamese contender for Miss World not yet licensedAlthough Nguyen Thi Loan has been posted on the website of Miss World 2014 as representing Vietnam in their pageant in London this December, local authorities say they have not...

Hanoi bar fire inures 13

19:17 24/09/2014

Flames engulfed a packed bar in Hanoi on September 23 night, leaving 13 with burns, according to a doctor from Saint Paul Hospital.

Are magnet schools too high-pressure?

00:15 24/09/2014

The beginning of every schoolyear ushers in terrific pressure for students to master the school curricula and perform well in examinations.

Art & Entertainment News 11/9

14:59 11/09/2014

Punk-pop duo to hit CAMA ATKBlue Hawaii, a band from Montreal, Canada, featuring Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alexander Cowan, will perform live in Ha Noi on Saturday.

Historical places in Hanoi

14:55 05/09/2014

The historic buildings and monuments of Hanoi bear testimony to the richness of the capital city's cultural heritage and offer visitors a glimpse into the nation's long arduous struggle for independence and reunification in the...

Gardens blossom into outdoor studios

07:23 13/08/2014

For decades, Nhat Tan and Quang Ba wards in Tay Ho District have been known for peach flower gardens.


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