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Mobile subscribers annoyed by networks' do-nothing attitude about spam

08:58 10/10/2014

Mobile subscribers complain that the telecommunication services in Vietnam have become unbearably inconvenient: they are bothered every day with spam messages, are being swindled out of money, and are increasingly annoyed with...

Vietnam, Israel reach high-tech deal

12:55 05/10/2014

Vietnam and Israel signed an agreement to boost economic cooperation, particularly on science and technology.

Human error undermines cybersecurity

09:01 26/09/2014

Human error caused about 62 per cent of the internet security failures in Viet Nam in 2013, said an industry report.

New Zealand enhances military ties with Vietnam

08:59 12/09/2014

New Zealand's army is keen to boost cooperation with its Vietnamese counterpart in a number of fields, such as maritime security, cyber-security, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Google to prioritise secure websites

15:31 08/08/2014

Google has said it will give preference to more secure websites in its search rankings from now on.

Cyber attacks a threat in VN

15:12 03/07/2014

Viet Nam should strengthen the management of businesses operating in the IT and Internet sector in order to curb the increasing hi-tech security threats.

VN faces high risk of cyber attacks

09:20 13/05/2014

Viet Nam ranks 12th in the list of countries facing the maximum cyber attacks, according to the Internet Security Threat report (ISTR19) released by the Symantec Corporation last week.

Online payment safe from bug: Bkav

16:46 18/04/2014

Users can make online transactions safely in Viet Nam without worrying about OpenSSL Heartbleed bug, said Viet Nam's leading security company Bkav.

Vietnam to assist Cuba in e-security training

09:31 02/04/2014

Vietnam's top internet security firm BKAV will provide cyber security expert training for 100 Cuban officials between 2014 and 2017, in a deal agreed during the March visit to Cuba by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

Experts shed light on information security

22:53 18/03/2014

Leading Vietnamese and foreign experts are gathering at the Security World 2014 conference in Hanoi on March 18-19 to discuss information security and risk management.


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