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Smartphones - the future of the retail industry

11:16 07/10/2014

Smartphones, which are helping to connect retailers and consumers, play a very important role in the future development of the retail industry.

OTT TV providers plan to collect fees in 2016

14:43 04/10/2014

OTT TV content service providers hope they can make money with their added-value services, interaction services and advertisements as well as new user fees to be collected in 2016.

Legal Advice: Five things to know when doing business via websites

10:11 28/09/2014

Merchants, organizations and individuals when creating an electronic commerce website should give heed to its forms, the responsibility to register/notify competent state agencies, as well as the obligation to protect personal...

Untapped potential in VN-Egypt trade

10:12 26/09/2014

Economic and trade relations between Vietnam and Egypt remained modest and failed to match the potentials of both countries.

Despite economic downturn, IT firms still in demand

17:03 24/09/2014

Information technology (IT) companies have been doing well in the economic downturn, and continue to be sought after by investors.

Adidas Vietnam records losses after years of doing business in VN

15:14 09/09/2014

Adidas made its debut in Vietnam in 1993, but only in 2009 did it officially set up Adidas Vietnam, a 100 percent foreign-invested company owned by Adidas International B.

Unique fairs in Saigon

08:28 07/09/2014

Taking place on the weekend or the last days of the month, Saigon's fairs mainly sell fashion products, exclusive accessories or discount goods.

Domain-name market takes shape, auction to begin in Sept

21:41 23/08/2014

More than 500,000 domain names had been registered as of June, according to the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC), but only 280,000 had been activated.

Thailand reaffirms visa exemption for Vietnam citizens

12:10 15/08/2014

The Thai Embassy in Hanoi reaffirmed on August 14 that Vietnamese citizens holding an ordinary passport are not required to obtain a visa when entering Thailand for various purposes.

Metro Cash & Carry's wholesale model unsuited for Vietnam

15:17 13/08/2014

The failure of Metro Cash & Carry, a wholesale brand that achieved resounding success in many countries, except Vietnam, shows that this was not a distribution model suited to Vietnam.


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