livestock industry
GM crops targeted to make up 30-50% of cultivation

07:45 06/10/2014

The Government wants to start cultivating new strains of genetically-modified (GM) crops next year with a target to expand the area under cultivation of GM crops to between 30% and 50% of the total farmland by 2020, said an...

Australian live cattle imports explode

12:39 17/08/2014

The number of live cattle imported into Vietnam from Australia over the past two years has increased nearly 90fold since the 2011-2012 fiscal year, according to the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).

Meat imports reach record high as local livestock industry flounders

17:12 14/08/2014

The increasingly high number of meat imports in recent months has put pressure on the domestic cattle industry.

HCM City to host livestock, feed expo in October

09:28 30/07/2014

Vietnam's most important international feed, livestock, and meat industry exhibition, the VietStock Expo and Forum, will be held in HCM City in October.

Bird flu takes toll on livestock industry

11:07 07/03/2014

Farmers are helplessly fielding the brunt of the widespread bird flu as it destroys agricultural prices and profits.

Livestock industry has to cut costs

07:05 16/02/2014

The domestic livestock industry must find a way to reduce its production cost and become more competitive, or give in to the market domination of imported meat.

Australia sends first buffalo shipment to Vietnam

19:59 11/02/2014

The Australian live animal export industry has embarked on a new endeavour with the Northern Territory's (NT) first ever shipment of buffalo destined for Vietnam.

Scientists leave research institutes, farmers become engineers

08:34 03/10/2013

More and more scientific agriculturalists leave research institutes for better-paid jobs. As a result, farmers have to become unwilling inventors.

Vietnam to grow more maize and soybean, less rice

14:37 22/08/2013

If Vietnam expands its maize and soybean growing area, this would benefit farmers, who can be sure they can sell products, and animal feed enterprises which don't have to import materials any more.

Foreigners may replace Vietnamese in livestock industry from 2015

09:09 17/06/2013

From 2015, Vietnamese products of pork, chicken and poultry eggs would no longer enjoy the local production protection policies.


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