hang gai
Hanoi's Old Quarters now and then

18:52 10/10/2014

As time goes by, 36 streets and guilds in Hanoi's Old Quarters almost remained unchanged in their architectural styles that were designed decades ago.

Pictures: Hanoi beautified for the 60th Liberation Anniversary

18:15 06/10/2014

Hanoi's streets have been decorated with light and flowers in preparation for the 60th anniversary of the city's liberation day, October 10.

Hanoi Old Quarter viewed from flying cameras

10:17 24/06/2014

Observing from a height of 300m, the Hanoi Old Quarter is covered by reddish-brown roofs.

Coffee vendors roam Ha Noi's streets

11:03 31/05/2014

Despite economic difficulties, many residents of the capital have found a way to earn a stable living.

In photos: Romance of the northern winter

14:04 15/12/2013

Despite of the cold weather, Hanoi, Ha Giang, Moc Chau ... are very beautiful with yellow mustard flower fields, with roads covered by mist or little ethnic minority girls with pink cheeks because of the dry weather.

Hanoi cafes in the autumn

08:06 23/10/2013

Hanoi seems to be gentler in the afternoon breezes, besides a hot cup of coffee. Thus, only the words coffee - Hanoi – autumn make many people flutter.

Charity exhibition by journalists and photographers

12:56 17/06/2013

A photo exhibition entitled “Light from the Heart” will open at the Vietnam Women's Museum, 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi, from June 18 to 23.

Parking chaos returns to capital

11:09 24/05/2013

A year after the imposition of a ban on vehicles parking in 262 streets in nine districts in the capital, many locations have returned to their initial chaos.

Hanoi's history through recordings

10:25 11/04/2013

Recordings of Hanoi's bygone days alive with train bells, ancient songs and Ca Tru (ceremonial singing) will be played back for the first time at an event called Hanoi Soundwalk on April 13.


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