craft villages
Hanoi's Old Quarters now and then

18:52 10/10/2014

As time goes by, 36 streets and guilds in Hanoi's Old Quarters almost remained unchanged in their architectural styles that were designed decades ago.

Hanoi Craft Village Festival ready to kick off

14:14 06/10/2014

Over 366 pavilions will showcase a wide variety of wares at this year's four-day 2014 Hanoi Traditional Craft Village Festival set to get underway at the Quan Ngua Sports Palace on October 9.

Hanoi moves to become nation's high-tech hub

08:50 02/10/2014

Hanoi authorities are planning to develop the capital into a modern, creative, and environmentally friendly industrial centre that produces high-quality, globally-competitive goods by 2030.

Pollution contaminates Hai Phong waterways

23:29 01/10/2014

Pollution is severely affecting the rivers of Da Do, Re and Gia, the main source of water for irrigation and other activities of residents and businesses in this northern city.

Hanoi undertakes efforts to attract more visitors

09:11 26/09/2014

Hanoi's tourism sector is taking a wide range of measures, including increasing the number of services on offer, improving the quality of services, and boosting links with other localities in an effort to lure more holiday-makers...

Air pollution remains pressing issue: report

00:15 24/09/2014

The National Assembly and Government need to review and adopt legal regulations to mitigate air pollution, a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

Mid-Autumn Festival begins

12:32 06/09/2014

Children noisily shouted as two colourful lions, one red, one yellow, appeared at the entrance to Kim Ngan Communal House on Hang Bac Street on September 4.

Photos: Fishing net, boat-making villages busy in flood season

10:16 06/09/2014

Every year, when the flood season comes in the southwestern region, the traditional craft villages that make fishing nets, boats, fishing tackles and hooks are busy serving fishermen.

Unicorn head making booms ahead of full-moon festival

10:38 31/08/2014

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is drawing near, craft villages specialising in making unicorn heads in Hue city are busier than usual, with bulk consignments of products delivered to local and neighbouring markets.

Craft villages an untapped goldmine for tourism

12:08 22/08/2014

Forty-nine of the country's 52 traditional craft villages are located in the Hanoi vicinity and share vast potential for tourism development, highly dependent on niche marketing and improved infrastructure.


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