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South Korea triumph over VN in Asian youth football

11:24 10/10/2014

Vietnam got off to a bad start in the AFC Under-19 Football Championships.

Property developers, bankers rescue animal husbandry sector

23:28 01/10/2014

Experts months ago warned that the domestic animal husbandry would “die young” as Australian beef was flooding the Vietnamese market.

Vietnam dairy brands becoming global household names

12:42 28/09/2014

Vietnam has made great inroads into the global dairy industry and currently exports dairy products to over 29 foreign markets, one of the few nations in Asia exporting dairy products.

How do the Vietnamese get rich?

10:15 27/09/2014

A new class of Vietnamese with total assets of at least one million dollars emerged over the last 30 years.

Vietnamese investment in Laos to hit US$5.8 bln in 2015

12:07 25/09/2014

The Association of Vietnam Investors in Laos (AVIL) will strive to raise Vietnamese investment in Laos to US$5.

Vietnamese-born tycoons make a name for themselves in other countries

08:30 02/09/2014

Many Vietnamese have made fortunes in other countries. Some of the more notable ones that have appeared in international media?

Laos draws Vietnamese workers

12:13 22/08/2014

More and more Vietnamese workers have been going to Laos in recent years to help on investment projects between the two countries.

Bankers pay millions of dollars to use foreign soccer clubs' names

10:14 22/07/2014

Cooperating with foreign soccer teams to promote their brands is a strategy followed by many Vietnamese bankers.

Real estate investors operate behind the scenes, pour big money into projects

10:12 14/07/2014

Although the property market has been in a slump for years, some big investors have never been idle and have continued to seek attractive projects.

Vietnam's biggest pharmaceutical company to invest in Myanmar

08:17 11/07/2014

Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Company (DHG) is negotiating with a local company in Myanmar to open a joint venture project, according to Bloomberg news service.


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