sea disputes
Int'l seminar looks at impacts of East Sea disputes

23:44 09/10/2014

International experts have exchanged views on the latest research results assessing the multi-dimensional impacts of territorial disputes in the East Sea at an international seminar in Hanoi on October 9.

Vietnam slams China's violation of Hoang Sa islands

11:11 04/09/2014

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Hai Binh on September 4 criticised China's recent decision to launch tours of the Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago of Vietnam, considering it a serious violation of Vietnam's sovereignty.

Int'l experts urge ASEAN unity to settle sea disputes

06:26 30/07/2014

Exploitation of seabed oil and gas resources is one of several major contentious issues complicating the tense South China Sea (East Sea) situation, a retired US diplomat said at an international conference held at Ton Duc Thang...

Voters interested in sea, island sovereignty defence

15:49 08/07/2014

Voters in various localities have voiced their strong support for Party and State guidelines on peaceful and amicable settlement of the East Sea disputes with China.

Russia supports peaceful solution to East Sea disputes

15:12 27/06/2014

Russia's Federation Council (the upper house) supports peaceful negotiations in accordance with international law and non-intervention principle to resolve all disputes, including those in East Sea.

China blatantly declares regular patrols in East Sea

12:40 27/06/2014

A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson said the country's army has established a strategic periodical patrol mechanism in the East Sea.

Singapore PM Lee: Might not right in handling East Sea disputes

15:11 25/06/2014

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long has underlined the need to resolve territorial disputes in the East Sea in accordance with international law rather than the notion “might is right.

Legal solution essential for East Sea disputes

18:25 15/06/2014

International public opinion share the view that the escalating tension in the East Sea can not be ignored.

India a 'trusted partner' of Vietnam in East Sea dispute: academic

15:40 27/05/2014

In an article published in the English language daily Vietnam News on May 27, AvilashRoul (Ph.

Artists turn East Sea disputes into music

17:28 16/05/2014

Hundreds artists are set to perform the Vietnamese national anthem, along with and other songs, in a patriotic attempt to call attention to the East Sea crisis.


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