hanoi old quarter
Visa rules to be loosened to boost tourism competitiveness

13:26 10/10/2014

More relaxed visa policies are an important factor for the tourism industry to boost competitiveness in the region and beyond.

Vietnamese Ao Dai down through the ages

12:35 08/10/2014

The Vietnamese Women's Museum in Hanoi is featuring an exhibition on Ao Dai (traditional long dress) as part of activities celebrating the 60th anniversary of the capital city's Liberation Day (October 10).

Art & Entertainment News 5/10

14:26 05/10/2014

More pedestrian streets open in Hanoi Old QuarterThe Hoan Kiem District's People Committee on October 3 launched six more walking streets to serve tourists' exploration of Hanoi Old Quarter on Friday, Saturday and Sunday...

70-year-old garden house in Hanoi Old Quarter

21:41 23/08/2014

Contrary to the image of the crowded and narrow capital city, there is a spacious house with a lush garden on Dinh Liet Street.

Hanoi's 'rail hamlet' through an Indian tourist's eyes

08:07 12/07/2014

An Indian tourist recorded the lives of the people living along a railway in Hanoi.

TripAdvisor names 95 attractions in Hanoi

14:49 01/07/2014

TripAdvisor, the US's premier travel website, has rated the best 95 attractions in Hanoi in 2014 based on the reviews from people who have visited the capital city of Vietnam.

Hanoi Old Quarter viewed from flying cameras

10:17 24/06/2014

Observing from a height of 300m, the Hanoi Old Quarter is covered by reddish-brown roofs.

Hanoi debuts six more pedestrian-friendly streets

08:11 25/04/2014

Hoan Kiem District has inaugurated an additional six walking streets, including Hang Buom, Hang Giay, Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ma May, Dao Duy Tu and Ta Hien.

'Your Vietnam' in US magazine

08:05 05/04/2014

The National Geographic recently published a set of photos titled “Your Vietnam”, revealing vivid perspectives on daily life in all regions of Vietnam.

Jewellery on show in Hanoi old quarter

14:56 01/04/2014

A wide selection of jewellery is put on display at Kim Ngan temple, Hanoi's Hang Bac Street as a gesture to honour skilful artisans and introduce the age-old craft to local and global visitors.


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