traditional craft
Craft village tourism festival marks Hanoi Liberation Day

20:04 08/10/2014

The annual Hanoi Traditional Craft Village Tourism Festival will be held at Quan Ngua Sports Palace from October 9 to 12, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Hanoi's Liberation Day.

Hanoi Craft Village Festival ready to kick off

14:14 06/10/2014

Over 366 pavilions will showcase a wide variety of wares at this year's four-day 2014 Hanoi Traditional Craft Village Festival set to get underway at the Quan Ngua Sports Palace on October 9.

Hanoi undertakes efforts to attract more visitors

09:11 26/09/2014

Hanoi's tourism sector is taking a wide range of measures, including increasing the number of services on offer, improving the quality of services, and boosting links with other localities in an effort to lure more holiday-makers...

Pa Then women preserve traditional brocade weaving craft

07:35 26/09/2014

Pa Then ethnic women in northern mountain Ha Giang Province have made constant efforts in preserving the cultural values of their group as the traditional craft is facing a risk of sinking into oblivion.

Kien Giang: clay-pot making seeks to return to heyday

11:55 07/09/2014

The making of clay pots in Hon Dat District, the Mekong delta province of Kien Giang, had been viewed by many locals as a means of living in the between-crop period.

Photos: Fishing net, boat-making villages busy in flood season

10:16 06/09/2014

Every year, when the flood season comes in the southwestern region, the traditional craft villages that make fishing nets, boats, fishing tackles and hooks are busy serving fishermen.

Craft villages an untapped goldmine for tourism

12:08 22/08/2014

Forty-nine of the country's 52 traditional craft villages are located in the Hanoi vicinity and share vast potential for tourism development, highly dependent on niche marketing and improved infrastructure.

Hanoi seeks to revive craft villages

18:44 10/08/2014

The capital has outlined a plan to restore traditional craft villages, which are rapidly disappearing.

Ao Dai collections to shine at Temple of Literature

12:37 01/08/2014

As many as 250 traditional Vietnamese dresses (Ao Dai) by famous Vietnamese designers will be introduced at a festival to take place at Hanoi's Temple of Literature on October 10.

The private museum in Hanoi's ancient pottery village

09:06 11/05/2014

Located at the end of Bat Trang pottery village in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, the Van Van House, with a roof covered with creepers, has more than 400 pottery items from the 15th to the 19th centuries.


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