bee honey
Farmer uses ants to create pricey aloeswood

15:11 08/10/2014

Truong Thanh Khoan, 61, a farmer in Dong Nai province, has been domesticating and breeding thousands of ants to create aloeswood, a fragrant wood available in Vietnam.

Making petty trade on Internet now in fashion

14:25 15/08/2013

As the land has become as expensive as gold,” petty merchants now tend to occupy retail premises on… Internet.

Paradise for birds in Tra Su forest

16:40 11/08/2013

To go to Tra Su cajuput forest, you will have to drive nearly 200 km from Ho Chi Minh to Tinh Bien, An Giang provnce.

Central region stops over 10 hydropower projects

09:43 31/07/2013

Just within two months, the Gia Lai province has released the decisions to revoke the licenses granted before to 13 hydropower plant projects because the projects are believed to have negative impacts on the environment.

Vietnamese honey allowed in EU market

16:04 09/04/2013

The European Union (EU) has lifted the ban on the import of fresh bee honey from Vietnam, according to the European Market Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


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