phu yen province
Pristine beaches north of Van Phong Bay

09:24 10/10/2014

In the North of Van Phong Bay, about 100 kilometers from Nha Trang City near Dam Mon Town, tourists can see many pristine beaches surrounded by dense forests and sand dunes.

Vietnam man gets rich on beekeeping

08:16 04/10/2014

A young man in Tuyen Quang Province in northern Vietnam has carved out a successful business and provided jobs for locals out of beekeeping.

Oil refinery projects feared to cause glut in Vietnam

14:12 27/09/2014

Many oil refinery projects have been put forth recently, arousing concerns over a glut in supply as well as potential hazards to the environment caused by production on outdated technology.

Rock masterpiece at Ghenh Da Dia in Phu Yen province

00:53 24/09/2014

Stretching along the central coast of Vietnam, the province of Phu Yen is blessed with the Ghềnh Đá Đĩa (The Cliff of Stone Plates), a masterpiece of stone gifted by nature, recognised as a national heritage.

Vung Ro oil refinery project to kick off in Phu Yen

13:54 08/09/2014

A US$3.2 billion oil refinery project of the UK Technostar Management Ltd in Vung Ro is set to get off the ground in central Phu Yen province on September 9.

Cowboy wins two foreign government scholarships

09:02 05/09/2014

Vo Van Huy, a cowboy in Tay Hoa District of Phu Yen province, is leaving his home village in mid-September for Paris, where he will study at the Polytechnic University of Paris with an Eiffel scholarship granted by the French...

Photos: Weather forecasters in Truong Sa Archipelago

14:29 31/08/2014

With updated weather forecasts sent to the mainland timely and continually, members of the Meteorology Station on Truong Sa Lon Island have greatly contributed to providing necessary information to the fishermen during their...

The beauty of Vietnam's rocky coasts

09:18 28/08/2014

In addition to beautiful beaches and blue water, these beaches have rock grounds with strange shapes and bright colors, which are the masterpieces bestowed by Mother Nature.

FDI tourism zone licenses revoked

10:26 01/08/2014

The central province of Phu Yen has revoked licenses of two foreign direct investment (FDI) tourism projects worth US$50 million for delays in implementation.

Hydropower-plant officials offered false promises, say lowlands residents

09:19 31/07/2014

When they began to build a hydropower plant on Ba River, the investors promised that the plant would provide the lowlands with water and help ease floods.


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