tuy hoa
Pristine beaches north of Van Phong Bay

09:24 10/10/2014

In the North of Van Phong Bay, about 100 kilometers from Nha Trang City near Dam Mon Town, tourists can see many pristine beaches surrounded by dense forests and sand dunes.

Railway sector slashes fares to woo passengers

13:10 14/08/2014

Vietnam Railway Corporation will knock up to 50% off the fares for passengers buying tickets two months ahead of departure and increase stops of certain north-south trains from next month to offer more conveniences to passengers.

Director describes possible earthquake, tsunami scenarios

09:54 14/08/2014

Dr. Nguyen Hong Phuong, deputy director of the Earthquake Report and Tsunami Warning Center, an arm of the Geophysics Institute, talks about possible earthquake and tsunami scenarios in Vietnam.

A weird and thrilling formation of columnar basalt

09:25 12/08/2014

In a journey to Phu Yen a few years ago, I missed a chance to visit Da Dia basalt columns, one of the famous tourist attractions in the central coast province.

FDI tourism zone licenses revoked

10:26 01/08/2014

The central province of Phu Yen has revoked licenses of two foreign direct investment (FDI) tourism projects worth US$50 million for delays in implementation.

A deep pit made of water and rocks

09:17 24/06/2014

Phu Yen Province on the country's central coast is endowed with many stunning beaches, mountains, waterfalls and rivers that are worth visiting.

'Co' – a special job in Vietnam

09:31 08/05/2014

From birth until death, Vietnamese continually find themselves at the mercy of all sorts of clever and unscrupulous “co”, a word which can be roughly translated as “middleman”.

Dap Han – a world of rocks and wild flowers

09:04 07/04/2014

Phu Yen is endowed with a lot of primitive landscapes and Ha Dam is one of the must-see destinations for tourists, especially those wishing to explore the beauty of nature.

Sex education: Breaking the gap between teachers-students

08:02 07/04/2014

Straightforward, honest sharing between teachers and students. That, say experts, is the most effective means of helping students confidently approach sex and reproductive health in the right way.

Exhibition asserts sovereignty over Truong Sa, Hoang Sa

18:13 28/03/2014

An exhibition in the central coastal city of Tuy Hoa is displaying the historical evidence asserting Vietnam's sovereignty over Truong Sa (Spratly) and Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelagos.


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