traditional markets
Many consumers shun vegetables, fruit at markets, buy organic instead

23:38 09/10/2014

Believing that they are unsafe for health, many people are now reluctant to eat fruit and vegetables.

Garment exports to hit US$25 bln for 2014

14:13 06/10/2014

Garment and textile exports are forecast to exceed the yearly plan by 16% and peak at US$25 billion for 2014, according to the Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (VINATEX).

Small merchants slam supermarket development plan

10:29 05/10/2014

While urban authorities believe that traditional markets should be replaced by shopping malls and supermarkets, many city residents are opposed to the idea.

Local businesses seek way to win on home turf

18:38 03/10/2014

Participants at an October 3 seminar on retails and investment policies raised their concern over the domination of foreign retailers who, thanks to their advantages in capital and technology, may defeat local ones.

Hanoi to build over 1,000 supermarkets and shopping centres

15:08 25/09/2014

A retail network comprising over 1,000 supermarkets and shopping centres is to be built in Hanoi by 2020 to serve the needs of its citizens, Vice Director of Hanoi's Department of Industry and Trade Tran Thi Phuong Lan has said.

Competition in coffee market hotter than ever

13:42 04/09/2014

The major players in the instant-coffee market failed to attract public attention with their recent marketing campaigns, but new coffee brands have been able to do this.

Foreign companies taking bigger slice of retail pie

14:22 27/08/2014

While Vietnamese economists have repeatedly sounded the alarm over the expansion of big foreign retail groups in Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has kept calm, saying that 70 percent of the products available...

Danang launches tourism advertising campaign

12:57 20/08/2014

Danang has launched a new advertising campaign touting its new slogan “Danang City – a friendly, safe and hospitable community” aiming to attract more domestic holiday and foreign tourists from traditional markets.

Metro Cash & Carry's wholesale model unsuited for Vietnam

15:17 13/08/2014

The failure of Metro Cash & Carry, a wholesale brand that achieved resounding success in many countries, except Vietnam, shows that this was not a distribution model suited to Vietnam.

Plastic bags still more popular than biodegradable bags

08:24 13/08/2014

The amount of plastic bags used every year in Vietnam has been increasing rapidly, even though they have been heavily taxed since 2012.


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