urban life
Cao Dai Temple – attractive religious destination

23:38 09/10/2014

Those who want to dispel tetchiness and annoyance of daily stress of urban life, Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh Province is a good recommendation.

Street vendors: vital, vibrant part of Ha Noi

07:23 27/07/2014

Walking around the streets of Ha Noi, you can easily spot street vendors.

Mountain mausoleum blends nature with cultural history

09:24 23/06/2014

A royal mausoleum on a Hue mountaintop is unique because the original architects built no walls or fences to protect it.

The cloud valley in Hoa Binh

09:29 15/05/2014

Located at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level, Lung Van is covered by cloud all year round.

The dream for Vietnam's contemporary art museum

15:30 06/01/2014

“I - CAMP” is the first brick for building Vietnam's first contemporary art, initiated by artist, curator Tran Luong.

Meditations of urban life in town

14:20 29/03/2013

A group painting exhibition by city-based artists on Wednesday opened at HCMC Association of Fine Arts, displaying about 30 pieces made of oil, mixed media and acrylic or stick oil on canvas.

Hot girl, mannequin and the USD

14:06 19/07/2012

Familiar scenes of the modern urban life have inspired artists who join the group show “Nowadays” at Art Talk Café, 12 Quan Su Street, Hanoi.

Companies give dating tips

19:38 14/06/2012

In an online ad, a dating service promises to help men conquer three women within 90 days, or their money back.


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