dung quat oil refinery
Oil giants race to invest in Vietnam

23:37 09/10/2014

Although Vietnam initially decided to build only three oil refineries, two are about to be built and others are under construction, while several more are awaiting licenses.

Oil refinery projects feared to cause glut in Vietnam

14:12 27/09/2014

Many oil refinery projects have been put forth recently, arousing concerns over a glut in supply as well as potential hazards to the environment caused by production on outdated technology.

New JV set up to exploit oil & gas in Russia

09:55 04/09/2014

PetroVietnam and Rosneft will establish a joint venture company to explore and exploit two oil wells at Pechora Sea, north-west of Russia, which have a combined geological reserve of 1 billion tonnes and a recoverable reserve of...

Poor infrastructure holding back central provinces: Deputy PM

20:24 18/08/2014

Central coastal provinces are, to a certain extent, trapped by underdevelopment and poverty as well as poor infrastructure and economic connections, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc told the Central Region Economic Forum on...

What will Vietnam gain in exchange for investment incentives for Nhon Hoi?

10:18 09/08/2014

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has unexpectedly agreed to offer attractive investment incentives to the Thai PTT Group, which plans to set up the Nhon Hoi Oil Refinery in Binh Dinh province.

Vietnam refines oil, but petrol prices still high

18:16 27/07/2014

Vietnam continues to sell its high-quality crude oil at high prices and buy crude oil cheaply from other countries for its domestic refinery.

Exxon Mobil triggers new US investment wave

09:43 21/07/2014

The world's largest oil and gas group Exxonmobil based in the US has moved ahead with its $20 billion gas power project in the provinces of Quang Ngai and Quang Nam, a sign of a new investment wave from the US.

Dung Quat oil refinery eyes US$2 billion for expansion

09:32 16/07/2014

The Dung Quat Oil Refinery needs up to US$2 billion to raise its annual processing capacity from its current 6.

High taxes drive up petrol prices

17:16 15/07/2014

Petrol distributors have raised the petrol prices five times this year. Vietnamese now have to pay VND4,000 higher for every liter of petrol than consumers in the US.

$20 billion gas-fueled power plant kicks off

13:43 14/07/2014

Pham Nhu So, vice chairman of Quang Ngai province, said that Vietnamese officials and representatives of Exxon Mobil Corporation will conduct a survey in the central region to prepare for a $20 billion project to build a...


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