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Many consumers shun vegetables, fruit at markets, buy organic instead

23:38 09/10/2014

Believing that they are unsafe for health, many people are now reluctant to eat fruit and vegetables.

PM to have greater powers in draft law

09:40 02/10/2014

National Assembly lawmakers yesterday envisaged increased responsibilities for the Prime Minister as they discussed long overdue changes to the draft Law on the Organisation of the Government, which has not been updated for more...

Vietnam-Germany Hospital to transfer techniques to rural hospitals

09:01 26/09/2014

About 140 doctors from the Hanoi-based Vietnam-Germany Hospital (VGH) will deliver ten surgical packages to seven hospitals in the north as part of its satellite hospital project for 2013-2015.

Diarrhoea kills 13% of VN children under five

10:16 25/09/2014

A conference in Hanoi on September 23 was told that 13% of deaths among children under five in Vietnam are caused by diarrhoea.

Largest ever measles vaccination campaign to launch

13:54 08/09/2014

An estimated 23 million children between the ages of 1 and 14 will be vaccinated against measles and rubella following the launch of the largest-ever nationwide vaccination campaign on September 15.

Unique fairs in Saigon

08:28 07/09/2014

Taking place on the weekend or the last days of the month, Saigon's fairs mainly sell fashion products, exclusive accessories or discount goods.

Vietnamese-born tycoons make a name for themselves in other countries

08:30 02/09/2014

Many Vietnamese have made fortunes in other countries. Some of the more notable ones that have appeared in international media?

Minister chides public, calls 'barefoot scientist'' achievements modest

08:52 27/08/2014

While the public and the media have showered praise on “barefoot scientists”, or farmers who have made new machinery, the Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan has called their achievements “modest”, and chided the...

Encephalitis death toll rises in Vietnam

13:16 24/08/2014

Viral encephalitis has spread across Vietnam at an alarming 15% higher rate than last year, with a devastating 170% increase in the number of reported deaths.

Over 11,000 aphrodisiac pills found on North-South coach

11:45 14/08/2014

While checking a speeding coach, police of Thanh Hoa Province discovered 11,400 aphrodisiac pills and a large number of fake cosmetic products.


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