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East Sea: 100-year experience for Vietnam

08:28 10/10/2014

For over 100 years, settling inland or marine disputes by international law has been chosen by many countries in the world.

Steel makers face difficulties in domestic market

09:19 10/09/2014

The steel industry is concerned about slow consumption in the domestic market despite a year-on-year rise of 7.

Rubber exports take a nosedive

19:10 09/09/2014

Vietnamese rubber exports are forecast at 1 million tonnes with total export value of US$1.8-2 billion for 2014, down 10% in volume and 25-30% in value compared to last year.

Vietnam imposes tariffs on imported steel

09:31 08/09/2014

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has issued the order to levy tariffs on stainless steel products imported from four countries to protect the domestic market.

International cancer workshop held in Hue

08:51 30/08/2014

Local doctors and nurses and international experts on cancer have gathered in Hue city, central Thua Thien-Hue province, to share experience in diagnosis and treatment and care for patients.

Vietnam hosts Battle of the Year South Asia

18:58 29/08/2014

The Battle of the Year (BOTY) South Asia – the world's biggest hip hop and break-dance tournament – took place at Bien Dong Park in central Danang City on August 29.

China prohibits cross-border rice imports from Vietnam

10:32 08/08/2014

Vietnamese enterprises that export rice to China across the border have said that China, as expected, has prohibited rice imports from Vietnam through unofficial channels.

Vietnam refines oil, but petrol prices still high

18:16 27/07/2014

Vietnam continues to sell its high-quality crude oil at high prices and buy crude oil cheaply from other countries for its domestic refinery.

Seafood exports encounter numerous barriers

13:07 21/07/2014

Vietnamese seafood exporters are facing innumerable difficulties as overseas markets are imposing a variety of trade barriers and challenges, including levying anti-dumping tariffs on imports from Vietnam.

China's gradual expansion in East Sea poses challenges for regional countries

07:16 14/06/2014

Dr. Do Minh Cao, from the East Sea Research Centre, told the English language news website dtinews.


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