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East Sea: 100-year experience for Vietnam

08:28 10/10/2014

For over 100 years, settling inland or marine disputes by international law has been chosen by many countries in the world.

Int'l experts compare notes on music composers' training

21:19 08/10/2014

Music experts from Vietnam, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Norway, Laos and Russia are comparing notes in music composers' training at a seminar in Hanoi on October 8-9.

Weather forecast bulletin receives European awards

21:19 08/10/2014

The Vietnamese weather forecast bulletin on Super Typhoon Haiyan has been presented EMS (European Meteorological Society) TV Weather Forecast Award an Oct.

Vietnam rice exports to rise by 6%: FAO

09:53 08/10/2014

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has predicted that Vietnam's rice exports would increase by six per cent year-on-year to 6.

Smartphones - the future of the retail industry

11:16 07/10/2014

Smartphones, which are helping to connect retailers and consumers, play a very important role in the future development of the retail industry.

Online video re-shaping Southeast Asia media landscape

15:34 06/10/2014

Nine out of 10 digital consumers in Vietnam watch online videos weekly as the burgeoning popularity of online video in Southeast Asia is re-shaping the region's media landscape, according to a report from the South Asia.

ASEAN-made car imports to Vietnam rise sharply over tax cut

10:14 05/10/2014

Members of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturer Association (VAMA) have enjoyed steady sales growth in the 17-month period ending in August, but this is not good news for local car assemblers.

Danang to host East Seas Congress

23:46 01/10/2014

The fifth East Seas Congress (ESC) will take place in the central city of Danang from Nov.17-21, announced the city People's Committee on Oct.

Turning reef into island: China is violating international law

12:11 28/09/2014

The world media and scholars have repeatedly mentioned China's ambition to occupy the East Sea with its plan to turn the Johnson South Reef (Gac Ma in Vietnamese) into an island and illegal expansion of a number of places in...

Farm export profits rise 11.4%

09:20 28/09/2014

Vietnam has earned US$22.66 billion in profits from the export of farming, forestry and seafood products in the first nine months of 2014.


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