Scientists discover extinct muntjac deer in Thanh Hoa

15:25 10/10/2014

Scientists have discovered a herd of about 30 Muntiacus Rooseveltorum muntjac deer in the jungle in Thanh Hoa Province.

VNPT submits price cut request

11:55 10/10/2014

Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) on Wednesday sought permission for its clients' customer care and support centres to make outgoing calls and send text messages to improve customer service.

Mobile subscribers annoyed by networks' do-nothing attitude about spam

09:02 10/10/2014

Mobile subscribers complain that the telecommunication services in Vietnam have become unbearably inconvenient: they are bothered every day with spam messages, are being swindled out of money, and are increasingly annoyed with...

HCM City to use GPS to control radioactive devices

23:38 09/10/2014

All radioactive devices in the city will be tracked and managed by the Department of Science and Technology via Global Positioning System devices from the end of next month.

Farmer uses ants to create pricey aloeswood

15:36 08/10/2014

Truong Thanh Khoan, 61, a farmer in Dong Nai province, has been domesticating and breeding thousands of ants to create aloeswood, a fragrant wood available in Vietnam.

Smartphones - the future of the retail industry

11:18 07/10/2014

Smartphones, which are helping to connect retailers and consumers, play a very important role in the future development of the retail industry.

Endangered and extinct species discovered in Thanh Hoa

10:17 06/10/2014

Dozens of fauna and flora species listed in the World Red Book as Roosevelt's muntjac, Amentotaxus yunnanensis (catkin yew) or Gekko cf.

GM crops targeted to make up 30-50% of cultivation

07:48 06/10/2014

The Government wants to start cultivating new strains of genetically-modified (GM) crops next year with a target to expand the area under cultivation of GM crops to between 30% and 50% of the total farmland by 2020, said an...

Foreign telecom giants gear up for MobiFone IPO

07:03 05/10/2014

Major international telecoms are lining up to become strategic investors in Vietnam's second biggest mobile network operator MobiFone.

OTT TV providers plan to collect fees in 2016

14:50 04/10/2014

OTT TV content service providers hope they can make money with their added-value services, interaction services and advertisements as well as new user fees to be collected in 2016.

Nuclear industry short of workers

10:18 04/10/2014

The problem of finding an extra 5,000 skilled workers for the world of atomic energy that Viet Nam is about to enter was discussed at a recent seminar in Ha Noi.

Internet service in Vietnam resumes

10:02 03/10/2014

The undersea international cable AAG (Asia Pacific Gateway) that connects Vietnam to the internet with other countries was fixed one day earlier than scheduled, according to the AAG operating unit.

E-wallet providers chart new path after failure in the market

09:19 03/10/2014

An e-wallet service boom was predicted by e-commerce experts to occur in 2009, following the appearance of the first e-wallet in the market in 2008, but the service has not been popular with the public.

Internet in Vietnam revived

16:11 02/10/2014

The undersea international cable AAG (Asia Pacific Gateway) that connects Vietnam to the world has been completely fixed, one day earlier than schedule, according to the AAG operating unit.

Hackers steal info from 1.4 mill payment cards on TripAdvisor's tour-booking site

09:46 02/10/2014

Vietnamese who used TripAdvisor's Viator tour-booking site are concerned about the news that hackers stole information from 1.

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