Program of The First 'Asia-Europe' New Music Festival
10:47 06/10/2014
Hệ thống săn vé máy bay khuyến mãi giá rẻ. tìm vé và đặt vé máy bay trực tuyến giá rẻ nhất vé máy bay giá rẻ Vietjet khuyến mãi.

The 1st “Asia-Europe” New Music Festival in Vienam will be held at the Hanoi Opera House, including a chain of concerts of various genres and types, ranging from Symphony, Orchestra, Folk Music, Opera, Ballet, Choir to Contemporary music. Below is the detailed program.

Program of The First 'Asia-Europe' New Music Festival

Japanese conductor Honna Tetsuji.

Concert No. 1

The Opening Ceremony and Symphony Concert

8 Oct 2014, 8 am, 2014 – Hanoi Opera House

1. Rashid Kalimullin – Overture “Ho Chi Minh”

2. Rustam Abdullayev – “Love Song”

3. Marc Batter – Rain Water

4. Nguyen Thien Dao – “Điểm hẹn” (Part 1 and 4)

5. Geir Johnson – “Silent Spring” for String Orchestra

6. Farajov Sardar – “Koroglu”

7. Andrián Pertout – L'assaut sur la raison

8. Alexsander Chaikovsky – “Tamerlan's camp” from opera “The legend of the city of Yelets, the virgin Mary and Tamerlan”

9. Do Hong Quan – Dialogue for Đàn Bầu and Orchestra

Performers: Vietnam Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Honna Tetsuji (Japan)


Meritorious Artist Hoang Anh Tu – Đàn bầu (Vietnam)

Nana Kinemura – Harpist (Japan)

Vu Nhat Tan

Concert No. 2

The Program of Young Composers from Vietnam

9 Oct 2014, 10 am – Concert Hall, Vietnam National Academy of Music

1. Vu Nhat Tan – The quintet for string quartet + Piano

2. Dang Hong Anh – Piano Variations

3. Nguyen Minh Nhat – Cicadas Quintet

4. Nguyen Ngoc Tu – “Sóng” (Wave) for Piano

5. Nguyen Minh Nhat – Dance of the bushes, The leaf, The horse, Dawn, Very fast for Flute|Violin|Cello

6. Le Bang – “Vọng” for strings quartet

7. Do Anh Tuan – “Trên Phố Xưa Hà Nội” cho Flute|Clarinet|Bassoon|Violin|Cello

8. Le Thanh Xuan – “Đồng Bằng” (Delta), Subjects and variations No.2 for Piano Solo

9. Do Kien Cuong – “Thăng Long” for Saxophone|Oboe|Bassoon|Piano

10. Tran Luu Hoang – “Nam Mô A Di” for Soprano|Baritone|Oboe|Bassoon|Cello|Piano|Electronic|Percussion


Song Hong Chamber Music Group

Hanoian Trio and Friends Group

Conductor: Do Kien Cuong


Nguyen Trong Bang – Flute

Dao Trong Tuyen – Piano

Pham Truong Son – Violin

Phan Thi To Trinh – Violin

Do Huong Tra My – Viola

Dao Tuyet Trinh – Cello

Pham Quynh Trang – Piano

Nguyen Trong Bang – Flute

Do Kien Cuong – Conductor + Oboe

Bui Ha Mien – Cello

Tran Luu Hoang – Percussion + Electronic

Duong Hong Thach – Piano

Quyen Thien Dac – Saxophone

Tran Quang Vu – Bassoon

Nguyen Hoang – Baritone

Le Thuy Nga – Soprano

Ryoko Bohmuki – Soprano

Hiroyuki Kotera – Piano

Nguyen Ly Huong – Flute

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tu – Piano

Nguyen Minh Hoang – Clarinet

Concert No. 3

Chamber Music Program

9 Oct 2014, 8 pm – Concert Hall, Vietnam National Academy of Music

Part I

1. Lan Tuat – Adagio for String Orchestra

2. Dang Huu Phuc – “Con gà rừng” (Forest Cock) and “Trống cơm” for 2 pianos

3. Erman Ozdemir – Music for Baroque Orchestra

4. Patiparn Jaikampan – “Nibbàna” for Flute and String Quartet

5. Davide Anzaghi – “Elogio Della Luna”

Chamber music

6. Ho Chee Kong – “Shades of oil lamps” Chamber music

7. Hoang Cuong – Concerto for Violon and Oboe and Chamber Orchestra

Part II

8. Arvo Part – Trumpet Concerto by Bach

9. Sally Beamisch – “Under the Wing of the Rock” for solo viola and strings

10. Wojciech Kilar – “Orawa” for 15 solo strings

Performers: Chamber Orchestra of Vietnam National Academy of Music


Kah Chun Wong (Singapore)

Khac Uyen (Vietnam)


Pham Quynh Trang – Piano, Vietnam

Tran Thi Tam Ngoc – Piano, Vietnam

Hoang Linh Chi – Violon, Vietnam

Pau Rodriguez – Oboe, Spain

David Gruber – Flute (Austria)

Seung – Eun Lee – Oboe (Germany)

Cameron Todd – Trumpet (England)

Yoko Yokota – Clarinet (Japan)

Nguyen Nguyet Thu – Viola (Vietnam)

Concert No. 4

Special program of Japan – America Institute for New Music (JAINM)

10 Oct 2014, 10 am – Concert Hall, Vietnam National Academy of Music

1. Arsid Ketjuntra – Collage

2. Sun-Youg Park – My Beloved

3. Chad Cannon – Wild Grass on the Riverbank

4. Sayo Kosugi – Lilac Nova

5. Chad Cannon – Five Munutes for a Century Ago

6. Shaosheng Li – Ling Hu

7. Xiaogang Ye – Namura Cuo


Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra

Vietnam National Academy of Music

Virtuous Group – Vietnam National Academy of Music

Conductor: Kah Chun Wong (Singapore)


Jun Hong Loh – Violon (Singapore)

Saran Senavinin – Baritone (Thailand)

Nana Kinemura – Harpist (Japan)

Ayane Sato – Viola (Japan)

Concert No. 5

Chamber Music and Choir Program

10 Oct 2014, 8 pm – Concert Hall, Vietnam National Academy of Music

1. Artyk Toxanbayev – “Steppe sketches” Trio for Violin, Violoncello, Piano

2. Vytautas Germanavicius – “Pacific Bell” for Piano

3. Agustín Castilla –Ávila – “Tres Momentos Microtonales”

4. Morten Poulsen – Choir “A Clear Midnight” quartet and choir

5. Maria Christine Muyco – “Talibun-ag” (Emancipation) Choir for 4 chamber opera singers

6. Ramon P. Santos – “DW'GEY” A Soprano, Violin and percussion

7. Ahmet Yurur – “Margit's Aria da Capo” Opera aria, Soprano

Performers: Choir of Vietnam National Opera & Ballet

Conductor: Eminent Artist Nguyen Thieu Hoa (Vietnam)


Aidas Puodziukas – Pianist (Lithuanian)

Joseph Peres Mirandilla – Guitarist (Philippines)

Margarita Roco – Leading Vocalist (Philippines)

Truong Hoang An – Soprano (Vietnam)

Tran Bach Kim- Alto/mezzo soprano (Vietnam)

Nguyen Thang Long – Tenor (Vietnam)

Tran Minh Hoang- Baritone (Vietnam)

Stefanie Diclas Quintin – Opera soprano (Philippine)

Lam Duc Chinh – Piano (Vietnam)

Japanese maestro Honna Tetsuji

Japanese maestro Honna Tetsuji

Concert No. 6

The Closing Ceremony and Gala Concert

12 Oct 2014, 8 pm – Hanoi Opera House

1. Muratbek Begaliyev – Nostalgia Passacaglia

2. Trong Dai – “Window panes” (excerpt)

3. Isao Matsushita – “A time for prayer” for 2 Violini and Orchestra.

4. Nguyen Van Nam – Symphony No 9 “Cửu Long dậy sóng” Chapter 3

5. Nguyen Duc Trinh – Romance “Miền xa thẳm” (Far far away)

6. Do Nhuan – Aria “Cô Sao” và Duo “Sao – Hà” from Opera “Cô Sao”

7. Doan Nho – Oratorio “Chiếu dời Đô” (part 1) (Edict on the transfer of the captial)

8. Traditional folk music “Người ơi người ở đừng về” (Please don't go), Chầu văn “Xá thượng”


Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra

Traditional ensemble of Music and Dance Theatre

Conductor: Honna Tetsuji (Japan)


Stepan Yakovich – Violin (Russia)

Bui Cong Duy – Violin (Vietnam)

Ha Pham Thăng Long – Soprano (Vietnam)

Manh Dung – Tenor (Vietnam)

Vo Hong Quan – Soprano (Vietnam)

Nana Kinemura – Harp (Japan)


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