Nguyen Anh Khoi wins at Asian chess championship
18:30 29/06/2014
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Nguyen Anh Khoi, former world U10 championship won a gold medal at the blitz event in the U12 category at the Asian Youth Chess Championship held in Uzbekistan on June 28.

Anh Khoi (elo 2.191) is the No 2 seed after the host rival Yakubboev Nodirbek (elo 2.217). In the second match, Khoi suddenly lost points while Yakubboev Nodirbek won in the first five matches and took lead in the tally with five points, one point higher than Khoi.

Nguyen Anh Khoi wins at Asian chess championship

However, in the sixth match, Khoi overcame great pressure to defeat Yakubboev Nodirbek in the direct round, earning the same points.

In the final match, both grandmasters triumphed with six points. However, according to the organizing board's rules, Khoi won the gold medal as he defeated Yakubboev Nodirbek in the direct round.

This is the first time Khoi has won the blitz championship at a continental tournament.

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