Mong village becomes latest tourist destination in Sa Pa
16:40 11/08/2013
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Travellers who love to discover the beauty of the northwestern mountains now have a new must-see destination when coming to the mountain resort town of Sa Pa, Lao Cai Province, which is Ma Tra Village of the Mong ethnic people.

Mong village becomes latest tourist destination in Sa Pa

Mong ethnic people in Sa Pa. (Source: Internet)

About five kilometres to the southeast of Sa Pa Town, Ma Tra in Sa Pa Commune is home to nearly 50 households, which all belong to the Mong minority ethnic group.

According to Giang A Chu, Secretary of Sa Pa commune's Party Committee, the local people have restored several traditional crafts such as weaving, metal forging and silver carving.

Concrete roads now connect 60 percent of the commune's houses, while cattle pens are moved far away from the houses to ensure environmental hygiene.

The hamlet also has an art troupe, including folk artisans and those who have a thorough knowledge of the locality's history, custom and tourist attractions.

To come to Ma Tra, visitors can take the tour from Sa Pa Town to Sa Pa Commune, which also goes to Hau Thao, Su Pan and Ta Van.

Source Vietnamnet

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