Measures to ensure safety for Vietnamese workers in Libya
13:01 30/07/2014
Hệ thống săn vé máy bay khuyến mãi giá rẻ. tìm vé và đặt vé máy bay trực tuyến giá rẻ nhất vé máy bay giá rẻ Vietjet khuyến mãi.

The Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) has implemented measures to ensure safety for 1,750 workers in Libya, including 200 in Tripoli and Bengazi, where conflicts are escalating.

Since early July when Libya first began showing signs of instability, MOLISA has kept in close contact with the Vietnamese Embassy in the North African country to monitor the situation, head of MOLISA's Department of Overseas Labour (DOLAB) Nguyen Ngoc Quynh reports.

“Policies have been implemented to ensure Vietnamese labourers near areas of unrest have sufficient food and are safe,” Quynh said adding “Some workers in areas like Tripoli and Bengazi cities have been relocated to safer areas.”

Measures to ensure safety for Vietnamese workers in Libya

Vice Director of Sona Company Nguyen Duc Nam said his company has sent 500 workers to Libya and 200 of them have been evacuated to Turkey for safety reasons.“The agency has also been in contact with businesses and evacuation procedures have been worked out if it becomes necessary.” Quynh said.

Turkish businesses have temporarily halted all work on their projects in Libya and are sending their Vietnamese workers home. Nam said around 79 workers flew back home on July 29.

The remaining workers will return to Vietnam or work at different projects in Turkey or other countries until the situation in Libya stabilises, he said.

Source VOV

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