Emerging from the shadow of giants
17:05 24/09/2014
Hệ thống săn vé máy bay khuyến mãi giá rẻ. tìm vé và đặt vé máy bay trực tuyến giá rẻ nhất vé máy bay giá rẻ Vietjet khuyến mãi.

Apple and Samsung have created their own products to lessen their dependence on Google. And, Vietnamese IT firms should do the same to escape from the shadow of giants such as Apple and Samsung.

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Emerging from the shadow of giants

The fans of Apple or those who are interested in IT may know that Apple is developing strategies to get rid of the most important service of Google - Google search -- by using the search service of Bing, Microsoft's software. Accordingly, users of Apple's operating system, instead of entering Google to search, can search directly on the Apple toolbar. Apple is also studying Apple Maps to replace Google Maps on Apple products.

Similarly, Samsung also wants to emerge from the shadow of the Google empire by researching a new operating system on a mobile phone to replace Google's Android.

Analysts have pointed out that these moves show that IT corporations are following the trend of making their own products to compete with the giants.

Looking back at the development of worldwide IT corporations, one can see the trend.

About a dozen years ago, Yahoo offered very attractive services from yahoo email to yahoo messenger - useful tools that were popular to many people.

But later, Yahoo almost faded and its position has been overtaken by Google, with the worldwide popular Gmail service, Gmail chat, Google search and Google Maps.

The world is now immersed in the smart and creative utilities of Google. Google occupies a large place in the everyday life of the public, and has become an effective tool for many people and businesses. Many people know that the most profitable product of Google is its search engine.

But in the future, will a great product replace Google?

The fierce competition of IT corporations around the world, the collapse of the old kings, and the emerging of new empires are the lessons Vietnam and Vietnamese IT firms can think of when creating products to meet the gap between the domestic and the world market. This could lead to the creation of new names of international information technology and communications from Vietnam.

The public recently was attracted by the book "National Entrepreneurship" which is about Israel - a small country with unique products. Or Samsung – which is not the largest conglomerate in South Korea - but is confident enough to create products to compete with Apple's iPhone.

Vietnamese businesses can also confidently think of making their own products to supply to the local and intentional market.

According to Vietnam Report, the Information Technology sector had the highest ROA (return on as essets) and ROE (return on equity) in 2012, which means the industry is more profitable than other industries.

Thus, in terms of efficiency, the information technology industry has great potential and momentum to create groundbreaking contributions to the economic development of Vietnam. The development of mobile applications is a big opportunity for the IT industry since it does not require modern technology and huge resources.

The government has also approved a development strategy for the Vietnam industry by 2025, in which electronics and information technology will be built into the key industries of the country.

In many of his speeches, Dr. Alan Phan has repeated that there are only two industries that will be the real future of Vietnam's economy - information technology and agriculture.

The IT industry needs brainpower and creativity, dynamics, and young minds. Vietnam – with its young population - has an abundant resource. Dr. Alan Phan believes that Vietnamese people have enough skill and intelligence to compete with the world in the field of IT.

Lan Anh

Source Vietnamnet

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