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09:15 07/10/2014
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In Ban Don, visitors can learn about legends of forests, kings of elephant hunters and great epopees.

Back to legendary jungle in Ban Don

Men perform gongs in a festival in Ban Don Village

About 40 kilometers from Buon Ma Thuot City, nestled in a crook of the Serepok River, and on the fringe of Yok Don National Park, Ban Don Village is proud of a popular eco-tourism area for both local and foreign tourists.

The hill tribe village is where visitors can see traditional tribal architecture and peaceful sceneries, and learn more about the customs of the capture and domestication of wild elephants.

In the daytime, tourists can head for an elephant ride around the village of Ede ethnic people, a boat cruise on an idyllic lake or a trek into forests for natural riddle exploration. When night comes, visitors can try ruou can (wine drunk through bamboo pipes from a jar) and join in dance parties with Ede and Mnong peoples.

Back to legendary jungle in Ban Don

Dazzling smiles of local girls  

Back to legendary jungle in Ban Don

An elephant ride is an interesting tourism product in Ban Don

Back to legendary jungle in Ban Don

Tourists take a boat ride in a lake in Ban Don


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