Beautiful moments of Tet in Hoi An

Below are the best works of the “Beautiful moments of New Year in Hoi An” photo contest, which closed on February 7 in the ancient town of Hoi An.

Wild peach blossoms lately in northwestern Vietnam

As the lunar New Year 2012 came one month earlier, wild peach trees in Moc Chau district, in the northern mountain province of Son La turn out to blossom lately.

Plum trees in full blossom

Travelling from Son La City to Moc Chau Plateau at this time of year, visitors are amazed by white plum trees in full bloom.

Flowers go to street

The lunar New Year (Tet holiday) is coming in ten days and peach and kumquat trees are transported on Hanoi streets. Flower markets are also bustling.

Christmas celebration in full swing in Hanoi

Despite extreme cold, thousands of Hanoians, mostly young people, took to the streets, converging on shopping centres or churches to celebrate Christmas.

Vietnam’s architecture via lens of photographers

High-rise buildings, cathedrals, Buddhist temples, etc. look brilliant in 32 photos that entered the finale of the Masterpiece Photo Contest 2011. These works are now on display in HCM City.

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